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Level 2 Electrician Hills District

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Level 2 Electrician Hills District is the best option to take when looking for quality electrical services. Servicing the Hills District region for over 10 years has really given us the knowledge of how to repair and maintain all Level 2 Electrician Jobs. We have completed large commercial projects and small domestic work. With a team of Skilled ASP electricians and we guarantee that we can repair/restore all your Level 2 Electrical Requirements.

ASP Level 2 Service Provider Hills District

If you need a Level 2 service provider in the Hills District region of NSW Level 2 Electrician Hills District can help. We are authorised Level 2 service providers and carry accreditations for Overhead Service Lines, Underground cabling and Services, Metering, Switchboard Upgrades, Repairs and Power Pole Installation. We know how urgent electrical repairs can be especially when your stuck without power that's why we offer a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician Service.

Local & Reliable Electrician Hills District

Being local is convenient..... although being local and reliable is just something not many businesses can offer, luckily for you level 2 Electricians Hills District are the most efficient electrical contractors you can find. We've Completed work on local schools, businesses, Homes and even parks. We offer a Seniors discount for all our services along with a 5 year in home warranty.

Do You Need a Level 2 Electrician?

How will you know when to call one? SIMPLE...... Most of the time when consumers lose power they will call there electricity supplier which is either Endeavour Energy or Ausgrid, The Electricity distributors usually send one of there own technicians out to check that the fault is not on there end. If the problem is on there end they will fix the problem free of charge. Although if the problem is on private Property (Meaning on your house or inside your land) the will give you a card with specific instructions to follow. These instructions point you in the direction of who to call and how you can contact them.

Majority of the time if someone lives in the Hills District region they will search Level 2 Electrician Hills District, that's when we will be the ones to take your call. We usually ask for job details and requirements and then book you in for inspection whilst being prepared to undertake any sort of Level 2 Electrical Works on the same day.

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    Level 2 Electrical Services

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    Switchboard Ugrades

    Switchboard Upgrades

    Need a Level 2 Electrician in Hills District to repair or upgrade your switchboard? Our Vans are Equipped.

    Power and Private Poles

    Power Poles & Private Poles

    Has your power pole fallen? Call us today for a fast same day Repairs.

    Consumers Mains Rewire

    Consumers Mains Rewire

    These cables run from the service line to the switchboard, if you have a problem we can help you today!

    Electrical Services

    Point of Attachment Brackets

    P.O.A Brackets (Point of Attachment Brackets)

    Need a new point of attachment bracket? Whether its old or needs relocation we can sort it ASAP

    Earthing Installation and Testing

    Earthing Installation and testing

    Have you noticed small electric zaps from your taps or appliances? Get your earthing system checked by us.

    Overhead Service Lines

    OverHead Service Lines

    Need More power? Upgrade your overhead service line with us and receive 10% off Today!

    Underground Cabling and Service Lines

    Underground Cabling & Service Lines

    In need of an underground service repair? We have excavators and workman on hand ready to assist.

    Tiger Tails Installation

    Tiger Tails Installation

    Whether its for painting your eves or erecting a scaffold, we can supply and install tiger tails 24/7


    Service Fuses Repairs

    The most common Level 2 Electrical fault is a hot joint on a service fuse which can cause some damage. Get yours checked or replaced today!

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    We service the following suburbs in Hills District



    Baulkham Hills

    Bella Vista

    Beaumont Hills


    Box Hill


    Castle Hill










    Leets Vale

    Lower Portland



    Middle Dural


    North Kellyville


    North Rocks


    Rouse Hill

    Sackville North

    South Maroota

    West Pennant Hills

    Winston Hills

    Wisemans Ferry

    Being a Family owned and managed business means that most of our staff are either related or are our close friends, We prefer this because we want to ensure the best outcome for our customers and who else better to trust than the people you know, At Level 2 Electrician Hills District we treat our customers the utmost respect which include manners, cleanliness and a great attitude for work!

    Whether a Storm has taken out your electricity or you would like a simple cost effective check-up we are always happy to assist you. Our Electricians are always in uniform and our vehicles are always marked so you'll see us coming from a mile away, Call us today and see how we can help you.

    Hills District Level 2 Electrician Services

    Power Poles

    Is your Pole Rusted or Corroding? No Problemo! If you need a Pole Replacement we can fix it right away, we stock power poles and when we install one at your property we take away your old one. How do you know if you need a new pole? Most homeowners will only have the knowledge to visually inspect the pole which is great for steel poles but not the same for timber. some timber poles rot from the inside out, if you think this is the case call a level 2 electrician to conduct a sound test.

    Overhead Power Lines

    If you don't like the look of your overhead cables we have many alternative methods to making it look good and work well. Most of the time Service Lines are rewired when poles have fallen over or when tree branches damage them. Another form of damage to these overhead cables is UV Damage.

    Switchboard Upgrades

    Is your switchboard really old? we can give you the best price guarantee on your quote, Don't wait for your switchboard to break down, call us and save by doing it by booking ahead, as pricing can get expensive when its an emergency. Most of all your family and businesses safety is the most important thing when it comes to electrical safety.

    VIR Cable Rewiring

    Vir cable is also known as vulcanized Indian Rubber has now been banned in NSW for more than 20 years, if you know that you have this cable in your home reach out to your local electrician in Hills District for the best strategy to get the cables rewired.

    Consumer Mains Wiring

    Level 2 Electrician Hills District are all licensed to rewire your consumers' mains,  these unmetered cables are rewired the from the point of supply to a Service fuse or Meter Protection Device, the fuses and meters are sealed off using a tag system with a license number for security purposes. in most cases when rewiring consumers mains the service fuse, service neutral link, main switch and earth stake are all replaced.


    Disconnect and Reconnects are usually undertaken when builders and carpenters are restoring fascia boards or timber beams, Most of the time the power is restored on the same day for the home/business owner unless instructed otherwise, charges for this type of service can cost approximately $650.00 and includes new overhead connectors.

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    What are level 2 electricians capable of doing?

    • Meter testing
    • Unmetered cable repairs
    • Underground to Overhead mains cabling
    • Power Pole testing
    • Hot Joint Thermal Vision
    • Permanent disconnection of Power
    • New Connections
    • Temporary Builders Power Supply

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